Monday 22nd March 2010
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Below are biographies compiled by those who know those featured on the site, or else from media sources. All of these items are designed to present in many cases the true personalities of those accused, and to prove that there are always two sides to every story.

The Day I Will Never Forget   23rd December 2009
After Fajr prayers, I decided to go to sleep for a while, because I was up all night working on some brothers cases. These brothers (here in bosnia ) are detained in the immigration centre. I went to bed, but I could not sleep, for some reason I did not feel peace in my heart.
Story of Wife of Italian Suspect   26th November 2009
Asalam alaykum. My name is umm ibrahim and I pray that this letter finds you in good health and imaan and high spirits. I am writing to you to tell you some problems that wives of accused muslims face.
Story of Mohamed Mannai   5th November 2009
The first I pray Almighty Allah(swt) that this letter will find you in the best of health and high imaan, I am your brother in faith from Tunisia. I lived in Austria ( Vienna ) and my parents are living between Tunisia and Austria. I was married to an Italian from Sicily.
Living Our Lives : Macomer Part One   1st September 2009
The tarmac was nothing but a gauntlet of guards, police and army personnel. At the end of this, approximately twenty feet, was a polizei van, also heavily guarded. We understood that this walk could be one of the longest available dependent on the mood of the officers. We were lined up at the foot of the steps in twos, making six of us. We exchanged furtive glances and some even attempted a bit of dark humour, but we knew that this could be as it seemed : the end of the road.
Farid Hilali's Story of Torture   25th June 2009
Farid Hilali says the torture he suffered a decade ago still haunts him today. He remembers the sound of the device used to give him electric shocks – only the sound, as his captors kept him hooded and handcuffed while currents were passed through his body. "It's very painful, the current hits you hard, you feel your heart is coming out."
Prisoner TT6649   17th March 2009
Incarcerated? The correct word should be incinerated - not actually burnt; just in the mind and in the soul. That is the case of Abdul Muhid. A man who was very much loved amongst those he knew. A kind and generous person whose priority was always others, even if it meant putting himself and his own family in hardship. He has been in prison now for two years but at the end of his sentence, in he would have been rotting in prison for 3 years, away from his family and from his Muslim brothers who he held close to his heart.
Statement of Binyam Muhammad   23rd February 2009
I hope you will understand that after everything I have been through I am neither physically nor mentally capable of facing the media on the moment of my arrival back to Britain. It is still difficult for me to believe that I was abducted, hauled from one country to the next, and tortured in medieval ways - all orchestrated by the United States government
Letter to A Mother from Husseyn Celil  
I caused you tremendous suffer and pain. You spent whole of your life with my suffer. As a your child I only beg your pardon and pray for me. I missed you very very much. If they allow, if your financial situation permits, I would be feel like myself in heaven with your one more visit along with my two children. Last time I was blessed seeing my sister when she visited me.
Story of Detainee AS   28th September 2008
My name is “Detainee AS” born in Libya in 1980. I was detained on the 16th May 2002 at my brother’s home in London; two months after arriving in this country. I am a Muslim from Libya, the country whose government’s name was recently taken off the terrorist list & was believed to be one of the axes of evil.
My Wee Brother Rachid   28th September 2008
When Rachid called to tell me the Home Office had made the decision to extradite him to France, my heart was broken. Instead of getting my support, to my shame, I cried. Rachid is my wee brother - tied not by blood by sincere friendship. Over the past two years he has brought a new dimension to my life. I have since discovered he has the same effect on everyone fortunate enough to know him personally or through his letters. Everyone loves Rachid. He is an exceptional man.
Story of Farid Hilali   28th September 2008
Farid was born on the 21st August 1968 in Meknes, Morocco. It is a small town inland from the chaos of Tangiers, and though previously having been a key cultural hub of various dynasties, now has chronic unemployment and poverty levels. He was born into a “mixed” family, which in Morocco means that his mother was of the berber desert tribes whilst his father was a traditional arab. He does however make a point that this should be an indication of a troubled past, as within Morocco both these ethnic groupings merge freely under the banner of the same religion, Islam.
From Kufr to Islam : Abdul Hakim   28 September 2008
As you can see I am now answering to the name Abdul Hakim and have been for the last 14 months, but I actually took my shahadah in June 2001 and this is one of the issues that I want to talk about. For those five years or so I was living my life in continued ignorance, walking around in a state of Kufr, whilst still calling myself a Muslim.
Story Of Fahad Hashmi   28 September 2008
In describing Fahad’s character, I come very close to describing the character of the Pious Predecessors. He would always smile at people, and I would always see him using the Miswak, which is an attribute of the Anbiyaa (Prophets). He would be in the Masah using leather socks, and would pray his Salaat in the Masjid. He would be on the forefront in commanding good and forbidding evil in society as well as privately, and would be at the forefront in giving Da’wah (propagating Islam) in the best manner, and he would regularly visit the graveyard - the list is endless.
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