Monday 22nd March 2010
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an excellent initiative from Global Voice for Justice are the "Adopt a Prioner "Packs. These are repeated on this site. If you notice any discrepencies, please get in touch. May Allah(swt) reward the brothers and sisters at Global Voice for justice for these.

    Daniel Schneider  
    Abdullah Schneider (Daniel Martin Schneider) was born in 1986 and is from Saarbrucken in Germany. He grew up within a Christian family, before embracing Islam in 2004. After completing his compulsory military service, he then travelled to Egypt and other places, intending to learn about the deen of Islam from its source. In doing so he managed to learn Arabic and is now fluent. He returned to Germany before being arrested in 2007.
    Fritz Gelowicz  
    Abdullah Fritz Gelowicz was born in 1979 in Munich, before his parents (his father an Engineer, his mother a Doctor) moved to the small town of Neu-Ulm in 1983. It was widely perceived as a rich army town, with a US base stationed there. The political environment of the town changed dramatically in the mid-1980s when the US under their revised cold-war strategy began placing long distance missiles in the town pointed at the Eastern Bloc. The people of the town shifted towards an increasingly left-wing and anti-imperialist viewpoint, and this was reflected in the children’s beliefs at that time, with every student being pro-green and anti-missile. There was a large Turkish presence in the town, and some of them introduced him to Islam. He began to seek solace in a deen that taught right and wrong and provided answers to all the questions an intelligent teenager would have about life. He began to read the Qu’ran vociferously, before accepting it as the truth and converting to Islam when he was 18, adopting the name of Abdullah. Whilst Muslim, he continued to study and follow the footsteps of his father in engineering, even taking a small part-time job with his fathers firm. He decided however to follow Islam and study, and instead embarked upon that path travelling the world in search of knowledge and the true deen of Islam.
    Ibrahim Ganczarski  
    Ibrahim (AKA Christian) Ganczarski is a German convert to Islam. He was born in Poland in 1966, before moving when he was 10 to Germany with his parents. He worked as a locksmith in a factory in the Ruhr Valley, Germany, and through his work he got to know Muslims (who were “guest workers” as per Germany’s immigration and citizenship laws). He became interested in Islam, converting through friends in 1986. He later married and had a daughter, who was sadly diagnosed with diabetes. In 1992 he was awarded a scholarship to study Islam in Saudi Arabia, and his wife and young child also accompanied him. After this, he travelled the world for some time in a search for knowledge and looking for a good Islamic life for him and his family. When returning from one of these trips he was arrested in Paris on the aircraft, and accused of terrorism offences.
    Mohamed Bouyeri  
    Mohammed Bouyeri was born in Amsterdam in 1978, the son of Moroccan parents. He completed his high school education in the mid-90s, and attended university until 2000. He volunteered with a community group in the Slotervaart area of Amsterdam. As he began to practice more, he found a lot of the activities he did whilst working in the community neighbourhood organisation, such as serving alcohol, were not permissible Islamicly. Instead he spent more time at a local mosque in Amsterdam, meeting like-minded brothers and spending time studying the deen, until he was accused of killing the film director Theo van Gogh in 2004.
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