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Prisoner Listings
  Please find below a list of all muslim prisoners currently being held in prisons around the world that we are aware of. If you are aware of any other prisoners that are not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.
List last updated : 30th May 2010

If you believe any of the information to be redundant or innaccurate, please also contact us so that we can correct this.

Note : These lists are provided in PDF format from our central database. Please do not just recycle these lists unless you are going to take responsibility for updating them, as people have taken details from our site in the past whilst not updating them, and as a result the brothers are listed at the wrong prison.

This may not seem like a big issue, however if people want to write to them and they are using an "old" list, then the brother in many cases will not get the letter, whilst the individual may think the brother is not writing to them. To avoid confusion, it may well be beneficial to provide a direct link to this webpage.


Important Note about UK Prisoners

Thanks to the prison service making it more difficult to contact muslim inmates, some prisons are now enforcing the rule diligently about having a name as well as number on the envelope, as well as a return address.

We have taken the decision to list names. However, if you are a family member and wish this name to remain private, please contact us ASAP. Our aims are to make the brothers difficulties ease, not increase, and we guarantee that if you want the name removed we will do so if it is the brother or the families request.

UK prisoners List   All prisoners in United Kingdom (inc. Scotland, 6-County Ireland )
European prisoners List   All prisoners in Europe, excluding Italy and UK
Italian prisoners List   All prisoners in Italy
USA prisoners List   All prisoners in the USA
Maghreb prisoners List   All prisoners in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt
Asian prisoners List   All prisoners in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillipines, China and other Asian countries
Australian prisoners List   All prisoners in Australia
Canadian prisoners List   All prisoners in Canada
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