Monday 22nd March 2010
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There are many ways that the brothers and sisters need our support, and there are as such many opportunities that we can earn reward in the Hereafter from the actions we do now. Below is a list of ways that we can all help those imprisoned, and these actions can be done either with ourselves or as an individual yourself. Either way as long as the intention is good then inshallah we will be rewarded for this.

a. Writing to Brothers and Sisters

This is one of the most important tasks, which is to stay in contact with those who are imprisoned, letting them know that they are not alone and that the best wishes of the muslim and non-muslim communities are with them, and that we are all human beings with our own mind who do not make up our minds from biased statements of prosecutors. Instead we recognise the deen for what it is : brotherhood and sisterhood.

b. File Grievances and Complaints to the relevant authorities

There is a perception that complaints and letters do not make a difference, but it is our experience that the opposite is true. The prison service, government advisors and others who depend upon the public for their livelihood often react when a significant percentage of the population object to their actions and activities. We would urge everyone to raise issues concerning muslim inmates with the relevant authoriities, and if they are not sure how to do this to get in touch as well as following our own "Take Action" guides. To familiarise yourself with the issues involved, read the media as well as articles and stories of inmates on this website.

c. Help publicise the situation of the Muslims incarcerated

To encourage support, it is necessary to present the other side of the story. This can be done through writing articles or news stories describing the challenges that inmates face, as well as using "New" media such as videos, websites and flash animation to tell the stories that the government don't want people to hear. If you know another language, translate an article that you feel would benefit others into another language such as french or Arabic.

d. Compiling and Maintaining Information

Administrative tasks are those which rarely receive credit however are the backbone to any campaign. If people are to write to brothers incarcerated, we need to know their details are accurate and the address location is correct. If we are to write articles and campaign packs, we must first have the information to hand. Its so essential to have accurate and empirical informaton available, as often the reason we do not publicise cases is because we have not been told about them. We urge that any case you feel is not being publicised or any brother or sister is missing off our list, to please get in touch.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you would like to help with any of the above, please do get in touch, and by all means if you feel you could do a task independently, we would actively encourage you to do so free from the red-tape of a formal organisation. The most important issue is to carry the message of the oppressed, under what banner or slogan is not important. All the best!


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