Monday 22nd March 2010
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Tortured in Syria by Italy
My name is mohammed majid shakir, born in 1970 in Iraq. Im married with four children, but I haven’t seen them or had any news from them in nearly seven years.
Statement of Binyam Muhammad
Binyam Mohammeds statement regarding the torture he suffered by the British and American governments which was delived to the Media. In it he details exactly the complicity of the British Government in his torture.
Letter From Muhammad Larbi
My name is Muhammad Larbi (’Abdul Kareem), charged with terrorism together with Khaled Serai and Amine Bouhrama. I write this letter because I know that brothers and sisters want to know what is going on with the muslims in this country ( Italy).
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The Day I Will Never Forget
Amar Hanci was going to be deported to Tunisia at 2pm this day. I felt the wind and colour drain from me, and words cannot really describe how despondent I felt at that moment.
Story of Wife of Italian Suspect
Every day is a hard day for me in this country (Italy). The neighbours, the state are all against me and my family in every way. It’s a lot of oppression against me and my family, and only for reason : that I am a muslim.
Story of Mohamed Mannai
They extradited me in July 2005, and I have chosen a fast trial** because I fully expected to be free and be released immediately. I was so stupid, because my extradition choice with my free will was a big mistake, and the judge in Milan condemned me for 5 years and 4 months and the high court in rome agreed.
Restore Visitation and Communication Rights to Dr Aafia Siddiqui  
Pakistani national Aafia Siddiqui, recently convicted in the US in a shocking miscarriage of justice has now been refused all contact with her family and is being held in effect under “incommunicado” detention. She is being denied letters, visits, phone calls or any reading material, on the grounds that it impacts “the security of the nation”.
Muslim Woman Harassed and Abused in Israeli Prison  
Hana Shalabi, a muslim from Jenin Palestine, is currently experiencing severe treatment and harassment from the Israeli army and prison service. She is 27, and currently incarcerated within Section 12 in Hasharon Prison, Israel.
Help the Washington 5  
Five American youths held in Pakistan on suspicion of ‘using the Internet to contact militants,’ say they have been tortured by police.During their hearing in a court in Sargodha town on Monday, which took place under tight security, the suspects charged that they had been tortured while in custody. “We are being tortured, we are being tortured,” they shouted on the way back to prison.
Stop Deportation of Ammar al-Hanchy  
In less than two weeks time, January 15th 2010, an interim decision is expected from the European court of Human rights in Strasbourg, which if unfavourable means that Ammar Al-Hancy will be deported to Tunisia