Monday 22nd March 2010
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Disclaimer and the Help the Prisoners organisation work actively for muslim prisoner causes. However, this should not be interpreted as support for their views nor their actions.. It does not condone illegal activity, and does not necessarily condone or support prisoners views, beliefs or actions. Help the Prisoners is a human rights organisation concerned for the welfare of muslim prisoners, and is not affiliated nor associated with any proscribed organisation.

If you require legal advice, please contact the solicitors firms listed in the ‘links’ section of this website. Help the prisoners, though dealing with legal issues and points of law, is not a legal firm and as such cannot and will not give legal advice.

Help the Prisoners does not endorse nor support the views of linked websites, and they are not affiliated to us in any way, shape or form unless specified. This will be specified by (HTP Af.) indicated at the suffix of the link.

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