Monday 22nd March 2010
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Below are biographies compiled by those who know those featured on the site, or else from media sources. All of these items are designed to present in many cases the true personalities of those accused, and to prove that there are always two sides to every story.

Exposing the European Arrest Warrant   21st March 2009
Since the introduction of the EAW, a number of individuals have been extradited ostensibly to face terrorism charges in the requesting state; however of those very few have been convicted, whilst some are still awaiting trial many years later. Some have also been acquitted, and had prima facie been a requirement in all probability would never have been extradited to begin with.
Justice or Just Us?   4th September 2008
This report intends to look at the concept of justice through the eyes of the law and the public, to evaluate how justice is applied to the Muslim community from different angles. The first will look at the approach to remand, bail and the reporting of cases. The second will look at sentences handed down for similar offences between Muslims and non-Muslims. The third will look at remission and privileges within the prison system. The final chapter will analyse why Britain is giving disproportionate sentences and treatment to Muslims versus the rest of the prison population, and whether the recent incidents and events are a genuinely new scenario. There is a perception within the Muslim community that sentencing policy is discriminatory, and that treatment of Muslims within the prison system is abusive and islamophobic. This report aims to establish if this is the case.
No Holiday - Prisons In Tunisia   8th June 2008
Tunisia is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean sea. It has for the last few years been touted as the ideal holiday destination for budget-conscious travellers, with industry, economy and publicity being aggressively pursued to position Tunisia as “The new Spain” for global holiday makers. However, Tunisia also hides a dark secret. It is routinely condemned by numerous human rights organisations (extracts of which appear in this campaign pack), due to its prison conditions, political repression and a dictatorial president who believes that he is above the rights of law and due process.
Justice for Farid Hilali   29th January 2008
Farid Hilali is a Moroccan national who has lived in Britain at various times for over 15 years.He has been subjected to a European Arrest Warrant on the part of Spain through gross abuses of process. is a matter of urgency that protests from the Muslim community are made to prevent this through the seeking of an injunction from the European Court of Human Rights.
Abuse of Sheikh Abu Hamza at Belmarsh   28th January 2008
Shaykh Abu Hamza al-Misri is currently suffering a multi-faceted attack upon his person, his rights, and his character. He is well known in the United Kingdom, and is currently being held in appalling conditions within Belmarsh Prison.
Deliberate StripSearching of Muslim Inmates   27th January 2008
A worrying theme that has been cited in all complaints by Muslim prisoners has been that of the “strip-search”. The prisons involved have been accused, and rightly as we shall see in this document, of deliberately carrying out these searches as an act of humiliation as opposed to a genuine security need. This is of course prohibited under law, and the facility only exists in order to prevent drugs and contraband being smuggled into prisons.
Abuse at HMP Frankland   27th December 2007
It is the intention of this campaign pack to describe the situation of current detainees imprisoned under anti-terror legislation, which is becoming more desperate as the days go on. There has been extreme violence, racism, unfair treatment and in one case a Muslim has been partially blinded due to the neglect and provocation of the prisoner by staff and inmates.
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