Monday 22nd March 2010
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the following are word-for-word translations and transcriptions of letters received from prisoners as well as media statements which have been released by the prisoners themselves. We would ask that you ensure if replicating that details for writing to these brothers are included so that others may choose to write to them.

Tortured in Syria by Italy   14th January 2010
My name is mohammed majid shakir, born in 1970 in Iraq. Im married with four children, but I haven’t seen them or had any news from them in nearly seven years. I miss them so much but all praises to Allah(swt), if this is my destiny. What follows are some details about my case and why I am in prison. It seems that to be muslim is a crime.
Statement of Binyam Muhammad   23rd February 2009
I hope you will understand that after everything I have been through I am neither physically nor mentally capable of facing the media on the moment of my arrival back to Britain. It is still difficult for me to believe that I was abducted, hauled from one country to the next, and tortured in medieval ways - all orchestrated by the United States government
Letter From Muhammad Larbi   1st January 2010
They lied to the public, using pictures of from the news archives of armed groups, forged documents, weapons seizures, all stock photos and video of arrests of Italian criminal gangs. Even after many years of persecution and abuse of the muslim community, along with all their arrests, they could not find even one trace of weaponry or bullets to show. Not even a toy plastic gun! The usual lies were presented though with these images, saying we are linked to Al-Qaeda and other armed groups in Algeria.
Letter from Voghera Prison, Italy   03/12/2009
With regard to my condition in the prison of Voghera, it is not good, in fact, I am in inhumane and oppressive conditions! I am held in a very cold isolation cell. There is no hot water, and I can only have a shower with the guards permission late at night. The shower is peeling, damp and dirty.
Letter from Asti Italian Guantanamo   19th October 2009
a cordial greeting from the section of the detainees' isolation via Quarto Inferiore in Asti. We are accused under 270a. We write with respect to: the physical and mental torture in this place and even in prisons Macomer and Benevento. We are treated like that for one reason: because we are Muslims and accused of terrorism.
Letter to the muslims from Macomer   30th June 2009
My dear brothers and sisters, we ask all of you in the name of Allah(swt) and in the name of his prophet (saw) and in the name of Islam, our deen. We ask your help for what we are supporting us and other brothers around Italy in prison. Of hate and discrimination from all the prisons and guards around the country. This calamity is the result of this government policy against Islam and muslims.
Naseehah to Muslim Prisoners   7th December 2008
How have you taken to the promise of Allah? How did you perceive it to be? Being in prison is the decree of Allah, all that matters is our good intentions, our willing acceptance, submission and our genuine internal desire to give thanks. I pray that you recognise your situation as the promise of Allah, that your faith increases because of it, that you do not waver in your determination and that you remain true until your end. Like many of those before you, Allah has chosen you as His friend, because He has seen in your character that which pleases Him, so do not let yourself down.
Life in Terre Haute   2007
As a Kurd born and raised in Iraq, I really understood what it was to be a second class citizen, and I knew what discrimination meant. All my life I was looking forward to the day when I could say: “Here I am! I exist, I can speak, I can choose.” Even, “I can say NO!” In the 25 years of my life in Iraq this never happened, until finally I gave up and left my country. I went to Syria, finished college and had three children who were born as foreigners with no citizenship. At that point I realized my mistake. Why did I marry? Why did I want children? Did I forget what I repeated for 22 years whenever someone asked me why I was not planning to marry? My answer was ready: I am not a man! I am not free, I have no rights, no country. How can I have a wife? I was a third class citizen just because I was a Kurd.
Persecution in HMP Whitemoor   24th March 2008
Later on that day I complained to the Duty Governor X of what happened. Governor X retorted that he did not believe me and instead believed his officers. I also complained that the two blankets which I needed for my change of bed clothing had been defiled by the search dog and I was till not given a change of bed sheets. He said he will tell the officers to change the bed sheets, however the officers refused to change my bed sheets. I was without bed coverings or bed sheets for four days.
Story of Faraj Hassan   09/01/2008
..I am now very frightened to be sent back to Libya, as there is no safety for me in Libya. If I could be unfairly treated in this country, what can I expect from a dictatorship? Libya is a very dangerous place for me. This Government (the British Government) are aware that I will face torture and the possibility of the death penalty which is why they signed this memorandum. ..
Letter from Anon. Detainee in Belmarsh   09/01/2008
.. I have scaring on my wrist from the handcuffs being so tight and my wrist was bleeding. I also had scaring on my ankle from the constant kicking. I never asked to see a doctor as I did not think that there would be any point. Looking back, I wish I had seen a doctor and got a medical record of my injuries...
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