Monday 22nd March 2010
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Subsequent to the attacks on the USA in 2001, a climate of fear has been placed over the muslim community in the UK and worldwide. This has had a negative effect upon all muslim communities, through a combination of negative press reports, draconian infringement upon freedom of speech, and legislation being passed in direct contravention of basic human rights laws. As a result, many muslims are serving sentences throughout the world who are suffering immensely due to prejudice, victimisation and a lack of accountability by the imprisoning authorities. Not only this, but they also find themselves being mistreated either because of the nature of their convictions or their belief in Islam.

We as an organisation intend to change that. Since we were established in 2007, there have been a number of successes and also a number of hardships faced by both ourselves and those whom we write about and campaign for. We have seen brothers released and sisters imprisoned, sisters released and brothers condemned to life. We have received letters detailing the most sickening instances of abuse, yet at the same time (and often from the same person ) almost unbearable expressions of thanks and love to all those who supported them during these difficulties.

Our aims can be expressed as the following :-

a. To ensure that Muslims receive the same treatment as non-muslims in prisons around the world and in the domestic justice system

b. To ensure the safety of Muslim prisoners around the world from attacks by both Inmates and Staff

c. To support the right of a Muslim in prison to adhere to his or her belief in Islam, and to support his or her right to propagate this belief to others

d. To support those brothers and sisters who have suffered miscarriages of Justice and to ensure that these are rectified

We do this through :-

  1. Ensuring that muslim and non-muslim communities are aware of issues faced by muslim inmates both generally and specifically
  1. Ensuring through press releases and statements that the media is aware of issues being faced by muslim inmates.
  1. Collecting and analysing information received from inmates, solicitors and supporters
  1. Initiating and Co-ordinating campaigns that highlight the injustices suffered by muslims and directing these campaigns towards those in the government-prison-industrial complex  so that matters can be rectified

The organisation is completely self-funded. No one takes a salary and no donations are sought. We ask that any donations you wish to send, please forward directly to the prisoners and their families.

Inshallah we pray that you look through the site, feel your heart move from the stories of the prisoners and their families, and help your heart motivate you towards action. If you wish to help, please get in touch or read through the “opportunities” section on this website.

Jazakhallah khair for taking the time to read this, and we pray that inshallah today is the day you decide to help the prisoners.

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