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Thursday 11th November 2010

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Letter from Brother in Opera, Italy 
I feel good because even though they are outside, they are caged by their desires whilst I believe freedom is freedom of the soul and the minds thoughts, and Im still resisting!
 Eid letter from Rajib Karim 
A belated Eid Mubarak to all of you. Taqabbal Minna Wa Minka.. I hope all of you had a great Ramadan, making the best use of it and followed it up by celebrating Eid as it should be celebrated. Not going into excess in wasting money on clothes, food and indulging in haram activities. Nor ignoring the day completely and spending it like any other day
Letter to the Muslims from Rabeh Osman 
My brother , all praise is due to Allah, the Milano court freed some brothers completely from all terrorism charges including Habib and Ali Zaydan and Abu Maryam. Now they are to be deported to Tunisia where the killing, rape, torture and humiliation.
  Featured Articles
Who Radicalised Roshonara? 
Recently, the sister Roshonara Choudhry was convicted of an attack against Stephen Timms, a serving Member of Parliament. This attack was slowly built up by the media from being one in which she was described as perhaps having psychological problems to suddenly being Al-Qaeda’s sleeper cell in the United Kingdom. Rumors even spread that she took up hunting as a sport, speaking of which, you should visit for your best long range rifle scope needs.

Understanding the Secret Prisons 
We have heard the terms “black site” or “secret prison” many times over on the television, read on the internet or in newspapers, however it is said with an almost casual demeanour and regularity nowadays that it appears almost as a footnote.

JFAC Coalition Statement on Aafia Siddiqui Sentencing 
On the afternoon of 23rd September 2010 Pakistani neuroscientist and mother of three Aafia Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years on five charges by Judge Berman in a Manhattan courtroom.
Re-Open the Case of Mohammed Saleh   

Mohammed Saleh is 54 years old, originally from Palestine however has been a US citizen for many years. In 1993, in a case which many have forgotten but had huge overtures for how muslims would be treated in the US Justice System, he was convicted of “seditious conspiracy”. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence.   

Radi El Ayashi Attacked in Macomer   

Radi El Ayashi is 40 years old, and originally from Egypt. He was convicted in 2006 of terrorism offences in Italy and is currently serving 10 years. In July 2010, he was viciously assaulted by guards at Macomer prison, Italy, after protesting the conditions of his incarceration. Details have been mentioned in a letter which is translated from Italian.    

Restriction on Correspondence at HMP Frankland   

HMP Frankland, a name previously synonymous with racism and islamophobia throughout the British and European press, has sadly taken a step back in its progress through restricting the rights of inmates by severely limiting the right to receive and send mail.   

Sister In Lithuania may have been tortured for months   

Egle Kusaite is a Lithuanian convert to islam, who is 20 years old. It is believed that she has been psychologically and physically ill-treated by Russian and Lithuanian intelligence agents.